BUILDR x Vypr Interview

Step into the world of packaging innovation with an enlightening interview featuring Ben Davies from Vypr. Ben, an accomplished expert in the field of data analytics, delves into key industry insights and trends, offering valuable perspectives on successful brand strategies. As the conversation unfolds,

Ben Davies introduces himself and his role at Vypr, a pioneering force in data-driven insights for consumer brands. Exploring the factors behind brand product failures, he delves into the critical elements that contribute to a successful product launch.

Unveiling the power of data, Ben reflects on whether quantitative or qualitative insights hold more sway for brands and discusses instances where data insights may falter. Highlighting the pivotal role of packaging, Ben sheds light on its importance in captivating consumers and driving sales. Drawing from his own experiences as a consumer, he shares what catches his eye while strolling through supermarket aisles.

The interview concludes with a nugget of wisdom as Ben imparts one essential piece of advice for brands aiming to thrive in a competitive landscape. Wrapping up, Ben Davies reveals a brand he currently admires and why, showcasing his deep industry acumen and providing a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of packaging and brand strategy.