General Information

What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

MOQ’s or minimum order quantities will vary depending on your project requirements. Physical prototype can be ordered as 1 pouch unit. In general, our conventional pre-made pouches have a MOQ of 500 units. Sustainable printed rollstock film has a MOQ of 10,000 impressions or 2,000 linear meters.   

Please note that MOQs are applicable per size and design. An order of 250g stand up pouch x 2 SKUs and 500g stand up pouch x 3 SKU will have a total order quantity of 2,500 units.  

What are your lead times?

Digital Print  

We aim to produce all digitally printed pouch orders in 4 weeks and rollstock in 2 weeks from final artwork approval.  

*note that lead times may vary depending on demand, order requirements and time of year

Where is foxpak located?

Foxpaks HQ and digital print manufacturing site are in Co. Louth, Ireland. Foxpak is a part of SEE, a global packaging company headquartered in Charlotte, NC.  

Do you sell Stock items?

All our packaging is bespoke and made to order. We do not hold any stocks. From time to time, we may have some left-over stock from unprinted orders, In this instance, we often offer them to customers who require small quantities for a one-off project. If you would like to enquire about stock packaging contact us  

Is your Packaging Food Grade?

Foxpak have held a BRCGS grade A accreditation for many years. All packaging that is intended for direct food contact is fully compliant with food safety regulations.  

Can you pack my product for me?

We do not offer a packing service but are happy to recommend co-packers that we work with for many different product types.  

Can you produce samples / prototype packaging?

Yes, we offer a prototyping service in both hi-res 3D renders, digital environment and physical pouches or packaging to use for market analysis, presentations, exhibitions, shelf-life testing, product sizing etc.

How do I add a clear window to my design?

If you want a clear window in your product, select clear material as a choice and leave the are you desire to be a window, blank on your design. Upload image to the die line templates as normal.

Print & Design

What print options do you offer?

We offer Digital print using HP indigo presses  

How many colours can you print?

Digital print uses process colours. We print using 5 colours: CMYK + White   

Do you offer in-house design service?

Yes, please click here for our design service offering  

Can I request customized design options not listed in the standard BUILDR? (i.e. dimensions ) ?


Please request a quote here from our team describing what you would like to have and we will get back to you. 

Click here to Get  your custom quote.

What are the Smart Packaging service levels available?

Level 1- Standard QR code

Level 2- Product SKU code- provides personalized user experience based on scan location, time, day and number of scans

Level 3- A unique serialized Code- on top of personalized experience, provides individual package data and insights on consumer interest, track and trace, authentication, supply chain optimization and enhanced operational efficiency capabilities


Do you produce sustainable packaging?

Yes! We offer recycle-ready packaging solutions using mono-laminate PE.   

Is flexible packaging recyclable?

Conventional flexible packaging laminates are not considered widely recyclable. Our recycle-ready LDPE options is considered widely recyclable in Ireland, UK and Europe.  

Can I put your recyclable packaging in my home bin?

Customers in some European countries can dispose of recycle-ready packaging at home in their dry recycling waste bins. We advise to check locally  

Other customers can dispose of our recycle-ready packaging at collection points in larger stores 

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