We believe that packaging should do more than simply protect the product inside. BUILDR by foxpak provides rapid consumer feedback, physical and digital prototyping and design help, creating a safe space for brands to innovate before launching to the market


Welcome to our prototype packaging services, where our team of Buildrs turn your ideas into eye-catching packaging solutions. Whether you're a pro or just starting out, we'll guide you through the exciting process of bringing your ideas to life in a way that's practical, creative, and all about making your product packaging truly unforgettable. Let's dive in and make your packaging dreams a reality!

Power up your pitches with perfect prototypes!
Bring your packaging concepts to life with mock-up prototypes

Get a head start on your brand marketing with our digital prototype kit

Get a head start on your brand marketing with virtual environment prototypes

Rapid Consumer Feedback

Buildr offers brands access to real and rapid market insights, letting you ask targeted questions to potential customers to make data-based decision on your product, packaging and brand.

Design Services

Welcome to the world of packaging design support, where creativity meets functionality to make your brand shine! Whether you're a seasoned brand looking to refresh your packaging or a budding entrepreneur embarking on your first packaging design journey, our team of expert designers are here to guide you through the entire process.

Create the perfect packaging for your product with a 30 minute discovery call with one of our packaging experts!

Even more services to choose from!

We also offer smart packaging and sustainability data services. Click below to reach out for more details